Vikas Nahar
CEO & Founder, Happilo International Pvt Ltd.

The groundwork of all happiness is health’ is a maxim that seems to be embodied by Happilo – an amalgamation of ‘happiness’ and ‘love’, a brand striving to promote healthy snacking via sustainable behavioural and market changes. Vikas Nahar, the CEO & Founder is an MBA graduate in Marketing from the reputed Institute of SCMHRD in Pune, and seems to have had an association to aliments connecting the dots of his professional as well as personal journey. The son of a coffee farmer in Sakleshpur, Small town in Hassan District of Karnataka, Vikas was exposed to agricultural practices from a young age. He moved to Bangalore in 2000 for higher education, his first job soon after was an import-export manager at a firm trading spice internationally. Having already understood the scope of start-ups in India, Vikas longed to become an entrepreneur. After having completed his MBA in Marketing in 2010, he set out on his venture to launch his own gourmet retail store ‘Satvikk’ in 2011. Satvikk had its beginnings in Bangalore, but with Nahar’s business acumen, he succeeded in scaling it up to 15 stores in the short span of 4 years. Along his journey in retail, he identified the dearth of healthy snacking options in India, as well as the disorganization of the sector.

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