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The Direct 2 Consumer Awards will recognize excellence across the following D2C sectors taking into account the brand's consumer experience, Product Innovation , core technology capabilities,Revenue & Brand affinity and consumer convenience offered by the Brand

  • Apparel( Men/Women/Ethnic/kids)
  • Jewellery( Precious / semi Precious/ Fashion)
  • Pet Care
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Luxury
  • Beauty -Cosmetics /Personal Care /Hygiene
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Food (Snacks /Ready to Cook )
  • Food Service (Dark Kitchens and Ready to Eat)
  • Beverages (Liquor and Non-Liquor)
  • Organic Products
  • Footwear
  • Grocery
  • Accessories
  • Health & Wellness
  • Gadgets
  • Eyewear
  • Sleep Solutions
  • Ethnic Wear
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Furniture
  • Ayurvedic Solutions
  • Vegan Product
  • Recommerce
  • Auto
  • Baby Care
  • Logistics
  • Fashion
  • Luggage
  • Gifting
  • Toys
  • Appliances
  • Sports Goods
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Alcohol-Beverage
  • Mental Health/Pharma
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds
  • Bespoke Fashion
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Sweetts/Confictionary/Candy
  • Innerwear
  • Flower Delivery
  • Furnishing(Carpet/Bed/Linen/Table Linen)
  • Timewear
  • Leather Goods
  • Home & Living


  • Best Marketing StrategyBest Brand Campaign, Personalised marketing and Referral Programs
    By a D2C Brand
  • Best Omnichannel strategyBest Offline-Online Integration by a D2C Brand
  • Best Customer LoyaltyBest ways to ensure customer stickiness
  • Best Tech IntegrationsBest technology implementation for better customer service, flawless operations
  • Best Content Marketing StrategyBest Use of Blogs, Influencers & celebrity associations for customer Advocacy
  • Best Delivery/ LogisticsBest services in speedy and flawless delivery
  • Best Social Commerce StrategyBest use of social media platforms to reach the consumers
  • Best In-Video Commerce StrategyBest Use of Shoppable video done by a D2C brand
  • Best Payment Solution StrategyRecognized for offering best and effective solutions for payments
  • Best Creative Business IdeaRecognized for out-of-the-box business idea
  • Best Social Impact StrategyRecognized for outstanding work to create social impact
  • Brand of the YearBest brand in terms of all the parameters
  • Best Social CampaignBest Use of social media by a D2C either short form videos ,posts,campaigns
  • D2C Professional of the YearThe professional/ owner of the brand which has set up an exemplary brand
  • Most Resilent D2C BrandBrand that showed Outstanding agility in Response to the pandemic to meet consumer needs
  • Best Debutant Brand of the YearBrand must be less than 3 Year old as on 2024
  • Best Consumer Expereince By a D2C Brand D2C brand offering best consumer experience before and even after the purchase
  • Best Subscription Based D2C BusinessBest Implementation of a subscription model by a D2C Brand
  • Best personalised D2C BrandD2C Brand Offering a Personalized or curated shopping experience
  • D2C Entrepreneur of the YearRecognizing the most Innovative Founder of D2C Brand for his Entrepreneurial and scale up skills
  • Best Cross Border Brand For Internationally Focused Growth
  • Best Woman D2C Entrepreneur of the YearThe "Best Woman D2C Entrepreneur of the Year" award honors a female entrepreneur who has excelled in leading and innovating within the Direct-to-Consumer sector, demonstrating outstanding business acumen, customer-centricity, and impact.
  • Best Sustainability InitiativeDeveloping a community-based renewable energy project that not only reduces carbon emissions but also empowers local residents by providing clean energy access, creating green jobs, and fostering environmental stewardship
  • Best Use of TechnologyHighlighting pioneering initiatives and products that harness technology to solve problems, enhance experiences, and achieve transformative goals in diverse fields."
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