Umair Mohammed
Founder & CEO, Wigzo

Umair Mohammed is the Founder and CEO of Wigzo, a Customer Data Platform that became India’s first D2C focussed Retention and Automation software, now operating under the aegis of Shiprocket. Umair has spent more than a decade in the e-commerce domain, He is a tech-savvy product engineering enthusiast with a keen focus on Big Data, AI, ML, and conversational commerce, always looking to take on major challenges. For the past 6 years, he Co-Founded And built Wigzo to be a thought leader and market leader in the Retention Marketing space for D2C brands, solving major pain areas of Repeat Purchase and Customer retention using data as a bedrock on which the algos are built. Shiprocket acquired a majority stake in Wigzo in January 2022, marking another significant achievement feat for this SaaS innovation honcho. Round the clock, Umair can be found brainstorming around data and automation solutions for global marketing challenges. When not solving issues of D2C or playing with data, Umair follows Arsenal Football club, and plays call of duty non stop.

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