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Sujata & Taniya
CO- Founders, Suta

A brand that started with four: Sujata and Taniya along with two weavers, has now grown into an empire of its own with over 17,000 weavers and artisans across India. Their vision is to create designs that bring traditional crafts and weaves alive in a modern context. SUTA, meaning ‘thread’, is a contemporary design house that centers on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity. It is an homage to the various craft traditions in India, with an aspiration to keep the spirit of artistry alive.
As they move forward, they continue to be led with the goal of the greater good and maximum positive impact across a wider spectrum of areas. Suta envisions attaining a plethora of goals; from switching to 100% natural fibre products and collections to maintaining the lowest footprint possible, Suta also set themselves apart with the most important quality of all. Love. What made Su and Ta jump into the textile industry with no prior experience was the hope to weave an impact in the community and touch lives, in every way they possibly can.


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