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Shubhika Jain
Founder & CEO, RAS and Moody

Shubhika Jain, an economics graduate from LSR, Delhi University, began working with her family business in 2015, where she doubled the company’s (Agri div.) profitability in just 2 years! Driven to change the narrative around the Indian Luxury Skin Care, where there was a lack of transparency and efficacy especially in natural formulations, ingredients and products, she ventured into creating India’s first ever ‘Farm to Face’ skin care & wellness brand,RAS. RAS was born to deliver the best skin care rooted in nature and completely backed by science. Shubhika wanted to elevate the consumer's skin care experience by making it completely sensorial. Shubhika and her RnD team dove deep into research, constantly experimenting on the impact aromatherapy and natural ingredients have on a consumer's wellness experiences. After months of research, trial and error, they came up with their first set of products, the Elixirs, giving the consumers an all in one solution that helps revitalize their skin from within. Today, RAS has a plethora of award-winning products across skin care & beauty with 85 SKUs that won the hearts of the consumers and got them wanting more.


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