Sahil Mehta
Managing Director & Founder, MuscleXP

Sahil Mehta, the Managing Director & Founder of Emmbros Overseas is a Bachelor of Technology Graduate from Electronics & CommunicaAon. He further pursued an MBA in InternaAonal MarkeAng & Business from Sydney. Mr Mehta belongs to a family of successful business people, with his father being a successful businessman too. Therefore, he has been born with an entrepreneurial streak and had always been looking for the right opportunity to bring his knowledge into pracAce before coming up with Emmbros Overseas. While the internaAonal skincare brands inspired Mr. Mehta to introduce the Indian market to more scienAfic skincare soluAons, what took him by surprise was the price at which these products were offered. This is when he decided to launch his own skincare line having all the luxuries offered internaAonally but at much lower prices. Mr. Sahil Mehta began his journey in the wellness and beauty industry in India with St.Botanica in 2015. Years of keenly observing his father unearth the secrets of Ayurveda to offer wholesome wellness soluAons, along with his in-depth understanding of the role of scienAfic research in creaAng cuTng edge natural plant-based beauty and wellness products, as well as his experAse in the e-commerce business, encouraged him to take the leap and create a home-grown, natural, wellness and beauty brand. He began this journey with a vision to offer a complete and holisAc range of wellness and beauty soluAons, unique one-stop-shop offering products that are steeped in scienAfic research and botanical knowledge as well as reflect our tradiAonal indigenous ingredients and soluAons. With the bouquet of products offered under the 5 core local brands: St Botanica, Man Arden, Oriental Botanics, Mom and World, and MuscleXP.

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