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Nikita Adlakha
Co-founder, Winston Electronics

Nikita Adlakha aims to make the beauty space a trustworthy part of the industry with innovative launches integrating high-end technology. The aim is to revolutionise the grooming industry where a complete beauty routine can be performed anywhere and everywhere without spending fortunes in the salon.
In order to revolutionize the way women see personal-care, with Winston launches, thousands of women have realized that they can achieve salon-like results at home without even spending fortunes on their salon treatments.
The transformative power of techno-based grooming products and pure, organic skincare essentials have always been in the spotlight, especially the impact the brand has created on women. Additionally, with its Milagro organic and pure skincare formulas, Winston has dropped down the curtains of claims and served what the labels showed, gaining the trust of plenty of people in skincare experiencing great results with improved skin while having regular usage.


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