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Ashutosh Vaidya
Managing Director at Safilo Group

Hear Global Brand Leaders as they share Why The Long term Global Brand value is about building compelling products and delivering digital and physical innovation and building unparalleled consumer experiences across the globe
Marathoner, Futuristic Thinker , Board Member & Take Charge Leader, with long track record of 22 years across Business & Consulting ( Including Manufacturing ) , Ashutosh , quickly sets strategy and direction in order to address business challenges with Courage , leveraging exceptional entrepreneurial drive and market acumen across Start-up & Growth organizations covering India + SAARC, APAC region.
Passionate leader, Vision Owner & Team collaborator regularly exceeds budgetary expectations & DOP goals. Outstanding market reputation, record of increasing top line, growing bottom line, spearheading operational improvement, drastic reduction in cost & improvement in Gross Margin by setting the Company’s Culture, Values & Behaviour. Maximizer, & High Performance Motivator, he build strong relationships with board, & policy making committees, customers, media, government authorities, strategic partners & potential acquisition opportunities. Ashutosh represent and promote companies at national/international level, Industry meet & Panel discussions


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