Ajai Thandi
Co-Founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee

Imagine New York, the city that never sleeps and a demanding job that makes sure you don't even think about it. That was Ajai Thandi's sweet, sweet introduction to the bitter-sweet taste of coffee. While Ajai worked as an Investment Banker at the esteemed firm, JP Morgan in New York City, he had downed enough cups of coffee to know good from mud. With his love for numbers and given his experience with caffeine, his childhood friend, Ashwajeet Singh's idea about starting a Cold Brew Coffee company in India resonated with him. A big picture guy, Ajai focuses on strategy to see that there is enough fire power for the execution of the vision. He keeps the initial passion and innovation in the company alive by keeping a tight grip on the margins and maintaining healthy cash flows. He also takes care of Sleepy Owl’s retail sales and manages a team of sales representatives, who are personally trained by the founders to showcase and promote the product at Modern Trade stores.

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