Abhishek Sinha
Co-Founder & CEO, GoodDot Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Good Dot was founded in 2016, and it was launched commercially at the end of 2017. Good Dot is creating a Cruelty-Free and Compassionate World. Abhishek Sinha possesses a qualification in chemical engineering & hands-on experience in R&D. He is an Ex IRS and served in Income Tax as DCIT for 5 years. He holds experience in manipulating predicament and bureaucratic connections. He is proficient in leadership skills, expertise in strategy, product development, process engineering, and regulatory landscape. As he is a true & an avid animal lover, he adopted veganism in his lifestyle before the incorporation of the company which shows his passion for animals and motivates the company/ employees. Since then, it has been a story of modern growth, and his leadership is necessary for scripting the achievements.

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