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Varun Gupta
Founder & CEO, Boult Audio

Boult Audio is a homegrown, high-end consumer electronic brand that designs and manufactures innovative audio and wearable products. The brand's product portfolio includes headphones, speakers, smartwatches, and other categories of earphones like wireless, Bluetooth, in-ear, and more. Boult was founded by two brothers, Varun and Tarun Gupta. Varun Gupta is an IMI alumnus with MBA in Marketing and Management. The company started with a small capital in 2017 on the e-commerce platform - Myntra. It gradually expanded to Amazon, Flipkart, and all the other E-Commerce platforms. Boult strives to deliver the epitome of quality products, providing a high-fidelity audio experience along with superior comfort. The focus of the brand is to develop and deliver solutions that provide ingenuity, superior value, and hassle-free customer experience.


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